StormDetec™ key features

A control and power supply box

1 – Screen showing real-time information (including electrostatic field level) as well as the access to actionable option via a pull down menu.

2 – Horn with sound choice options

3 – Alarm level indicators:

Level 1: Storm forming in the distance
Level 2: Storm developing and approaching
Level 3: Storm in progress with a a high probability of lightning strikes

4 – Set a manageable parameters

High performance Head of measure

1 – Capacity to measure the electrostatic fields of standardized storm: 0 to +/- 200 kV/m

2 – TMC unit electrostatic fields measurement range: 0 to +/- 600 kV/m

3 – Resolution: 1V/m

4 – sensitivity: 0,3 V/m

what you should know

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  1. STORMDETEC™ blends with its environment and can be installed on the ground or on top of a structure. Refer to the user manual for further information on proper installations’ locations.
  2. The head of measure has to be positioned towards the sky, for an electrostatic field measurement of the atmospheric layer close to the ground, without any perturbation.
  3. Measurement is based on 12 electrodes working alternatively.
  4. For a longer product life, the motor speed is reduced, in good weather conditions, (2000 turns/ minute) and raised in case of increased electrostatic activity (up to 3500 turns/minute).

What STORMDETECT™ means to you


Save time and money by anticipating when and where lightnings will strike.

Full coverage

Detection distance up to 18 miles (28 km) and with an average headstart of 20 minutes.


Constant data updates pushed to the smart device of your choice when combined Stormn You applications.


Compatible with all Stormn You applications.

High-quality materials

Built to last, superior design and high manufacturing standards.

Stormn You

STORMDETEC™ patented electrostatic field mill
Real-time information shared with the designated smart devices via the Stormn You network
Detailed information
Local weather info
3 real-time alert levels
Electrostatic field measurements

Stormn You electronic boxes

Products developed within the Stormn You product suite are specifically designed to communicate with Stormn You mobile applications.

This electronic box contains

One STORMDETEC™ central for communication with the head of measurement.

One Raspberry Pi with 3G Key for communication between the STORMDETEC™ central and the network.

One power bank to maintain all communication systems ON for at least 2 hours when the main power is OFF.

One electronic system designed to control the remote device (flash/strobe and speaker).

This remote device (flash/strobe and speaker) box contains

One electronic system designed for communication with the main box and control of the flash/ strobe and speaker.

One power input with a 15W solar panel and a 5Ah battery able to maintain the power for at least 7 hours when the sun is down.

Can be installed with

Stormn Properties

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Can be installed with

Stormn Golf

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