Stormn Sports is a mobile application designed especially to detect the storms and prevent potential lightning. The application has been design for owners of soccer and baseball fields, stadium as well as tennis complex. The application, when coupled with the Active 4D®, protects fields and stadium in a radius of 262 feet (80m), keeping the owners, coaches and referees updated on incoming storms. The designated application users are also alerted in the case of a lightning strike.

This mobile application ensures that staff members take the necessary precautions in monitoring the safety of the players and spectators alike.

Application key features

Notifies user when lightning has struck the sporting facility

Possibility to select different types of users (such as owner, coach, maintenance team or staff members, for example)

Possibility to set different types of alerts (severe, high, moderate, etc.)

Real-time electrostatic field graphs

Local weather forecast

For Tennis Courts, Soccer Fields, Stadium, Baseball Fields

Tennis court
Soccer Field
Baseball Field

Monitoring of the
Sporting Facilities

Stormn Sports is the perfect solution for facility owners/managers, maintenance staff and coaches.

The Active 4D® includes 2 integrated sensors measuring the electrostatic field for a continuous analysis of data regarding upcoming storms. The application allows for real-time storm alerts to be shared to your smart device.

Can be installed with

Examples of potential installation for the Stormn Sports solution

Tennis Court
Baseball Field
Soccer Field