Storm’n You is at the forefront of incredibly innovative lightning detection technologies. The Storm’n You solutions combine the power of the Franklin products with an easy to use mobile application. Each of the Storm’n You Solutions have been designed with the end users in mind.

The Storm’n You story: how did the solutions come about….

After attending a global symposium in 2015, Pascal Galliache felt that the information from the storm detectors were very valuable but not shared in an easy to understand format. The though of an application with a push notification to the end user came to mind. Being a golfer the first application would have to be golf related. How great would it be while playing golf to be able to receive an alert on a smart phone if a risk of lightning was imminent? The company Storm’n You was born!

When the time came to validate the idea, most of the feedback Pascal received were how this would be a great to have for anything outdoor, from event, to sports facilities. This is when Storm’n You evolved from a one-product company Storm’n Golf to a 5-product company, including Storm’n Sports, Storm’n Properties and Storm’n Events. All products that alleviate the risk between the Storm and You.

Storm’n You was also born out of a passion for the United States. When kit surfing underneath the Golden Gate bridge in August 2014, Pascal knew that one day he would be able to combine his passion for developing new products and his passion for the United States. Pascal has now been in Miami since 2016.