When it comes to outdoor sports, and golf in particular, safety can be an issue. As the owner or manager of a golf course, keeping golfers safe from lightning is both a priority and a necessity. The Stormn Golf application provides real-time storm alerts and keeps you and the golfers informed on the likeness of a lightning strike.

Every year, approximately 5% of all the deaths caused by lightning occur on a golf course. With Stormn Golf, we’ve got you covered. The real-time alerts can even be combined with strobe lights located on your course to notify the golfers and allow a faster reaction time.

No more guessing, with Stormn Golf you get the precision of an innovative technology and the convenience of its well-thought solutions.

Application key features

Possibility to set different types of alert (severe, high, moderate, etc.)

Local weather forecast

USGA Lightning safety tips

Real-time electrostatic field graphs

Information about your golf course such as website, available tee times, etc.

Possibility to see which golf course uses Stormn Golf

Monitoring of the Golf course

Together with our patented electrostatic field mill StormDetec™, the Stormn Golf application allows for real-time storm alerts to be shared to your smart device. Since the electrostatic field variations are constantly measured by StormDetec™, the alerts are generally initiated up to 20 minutes before lightning is expected to strike, giving you ample time to adjust and react.

Alerting the golfers

For absolute safety, the mobile alerts can be combined with strobe lights located at key locations directly on the course. It is also possible to add a speaker set with a pre-recorded voice message to inform your golfers of the procedure to follow.

Can be installed with

How to install

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